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About Me

I'm Nicole.... a mum of ✌🏼 boys, who are definitely boys and keep me on my toes daily and while all that happens I’ve had the absolute pleasure being home with them for the past 7 years. I’m a business owner and an Indepandant Rep for Zyia Activewear.


I love all things health, beauty, being active and love active wear.  I am at my most happiest when I’m helping women work towards their goals and being there to cheer them on. I know all too well the pain and suffering that comes with not feeling like the person you are meant to be in life.  All this can change if you commit to the process and trust me.  Things just might start looking up and you actually start feeling alive again.  If you are looking to live a life of fun, health and freedom to create the life you dream, and maybe even earn a little extra money from your phone.  Then I’m your girl! 🥰


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